Spring, Wait Winter, No Spring, Wait...               

This time of year is such a tease. I grew up in Southern California where there really weren’t seasons. It was mostly warm and then it might rain a bit one day so we could “bundle” up in our coats, hats and boots. I do love the changing of the seasons. Each one brings it own kind of beautiful. I see the school in the same way. Each student, teacher, parent, support staff, administrator, community member brings their own kind of beautiful that adds new light to my life and to all the lives of the Spring Creek team. My father was a baseball fan. During his junior year in high school he was offered a professional contract to play for the White Sox. He chose to stay at Box Elder High School and graduate. He never played professional ball but I grew up watching a lot of ball games. I observed a lot of players and coaches and teams. I realized very young that successful teams trust and depend on each other and work together to make amazing things happen. I see miraculous things happening every day at Spring Creek. I am blessed to be a member of this team.

Currently I am so proud of the work of the Hope Squad, our student leadership. They developed criteria for being kind, safe and responsible in different areas around the school. They used a survey of students to determine which areas needed the most attention. They identified the bathrooms, the playground, the hallways and the lunchroom. They prepared and presented behavior criteria for each of these areas to a group representing teachers, administration, secretaries, supervisors, parents and custodial staff for approval. They will now be creating posters and training videos to use to help start training the rest of the student body. At Spring Creek we are leaders ascending to excellence who are working to Be Kind, Be Safe and Be Responsible.

We are also excited about the Principal’s 200 club. We started this new positive recognition activity in January. We draw out 20-25 Way to Be Cards each week. The Way to Be cards are given to students by teachers and staff to recognize kind, safe and responsible acts. There is a Principal’s 200 Club Way to Be Banner hanging in the hallway with 200 numbered spaces. Random numbers are chosen and assigned to each drawn Way to Be card every week. We waited for the drawings to complete a line of 10 in a row. Students with Way to Be cards in the line joined Mrs. Franklin for a party on Friday, Feb. 24th. They played Get That Gift with each other and received several coupons to local businesses. We can’t wait to get 10 in a row again so the next Principal’s 200 Club activity can happen. Can’t wait to surprise the next Way to Be kids!

Thank you for all that you do to make Spring Creek such a wonderful place, for participating on our team. The PTA has a lot going on. Please watch for information on how you can help support all the good they do. Many hands make much lighter work.

So whether it is spring outside or winter or a combination of both all in the same day, let’s find the beauty in it all and work as a team to bring it all home – just like a good spring baseball team does.