Happy New Year!!

Just in case you haven’t heard, Spring Creek was named a 2017 National Title I Distinguished School. There were only two schools in Utah that were awarded this status. This award is given to Title I schools for one of two reasons. These schools show above state average proficiency scores or high progress scores for two consecutive years. I have been bragging about Spring Creek’s scores for the last two years. They are truly amazing.

This is the link that takes you to the website that can show you our proficiency and growth scores. https://datagateway.schools.utah.gov/Accountability/SchoolGrades/2017/SchoolS ummary?leaNum=38&schNum=123

You will find the following information about Spring Creek’s growth scores.
Language Arts Growth = 71.5
Mathematics Growth = 71
Science Growth = 73
The State and District Growth scores in these areas range from 48 to 50. We are scoring well because all of our students both those on and above grade level as well as struggling students are making great progress. We wouldn’t be able to get this level of growth if all students weren’t making significant growth. The link above will also show that we are close to state averages for proficiency scores in these areas as well.

The letter we received states, “Title I schools that are able to achieve levels of performance above the state average are to be commended for their success.” The faculty and staff at Spring Creek are hard working. They care about the students. Their teaching ability is impressive. The following statement from the actual application for the award sums up well the work that is done here.

This is how it is with many of the students at Spring Creek. We have them for an indefinite amount of time – some for weeks, some for years. It doesn’t matter. We take them where they are. We provide them with an engaging learning environment. We treat them like they are our own and miracles happen--and that miracle includes that they change us, for good.

Thank you for trusting us with your children. We know that they can do hard things. They work to be kind, safe and responsible every day. They know how to use the LEARN tools to progress and ascend to excellence.


A team from Spring Creek will be travelling to Philadelphia in February to accept the 2017 National Title I Distinguished School Award. We can’t be prouder of the hard work that took place for this happen.