Wow!  So many exciting events in the last few weeks. A team from Spring Creek went to Philadelphia to attend the National Title I Conference where we were awarded the 2017 National Title I Distinguished School Award.  It was a very exciting time to be in Philadelphia.  Millions of people traveled to the city to celebrate the Eagles Super Bowl win over the New England Patriots, while in a convention just a few yards away from the parade route school teams from all over the country gathered to celebrate champion educators that make a difference in the lives of students every day.  I couldn’t help but notice the difference in these celebrations.  This was my first experience (and will probably be my only experience) witnessing a victory parade of a major sporting event.  To say that I have never experienced anything like it would be an understatement.  At first I felt a little discouraged at the difference in the two celebrations taking place.  Basically we had just won the National Education Title I Super Bowl and no one in that town really even knew.  Back home I couldn’t even get my own school district social media department to get a recognition printed in the Provo Daily Herald.  I didn’t want the recognition for me personally because I actually prefer to quietly do my job without a lot of outside attention.  I find the attention a distraction that takes time away from the important work that I do.  However, I did want recognition for the extremely hard work that the teachers and students do, for the support of the parents, community and other staff, and for the amazing academic, emotional and social progress that as a group we made in the last two years.  I lead an amazing team.  They deserve to be recognized and celebrated.  Please take an opportunity to tell your children how exciting it is that they are part of a nationally recognized school.  I tell them this every chance I get.

 We also participated in Freedom Week.  This was such an inspiring time for our students.  They had the opportunity to thank many of our community helpers and leaders – from our Provo City fire fighters, to our past Mayor and current Congressman John Curtis, to our current Mayor Michelle Kaufusi.  Students signed a thank you card for Congressman Curtis for his service as Mayor of Provo.  Provo Fire Department brought the trucks and spent a very cold morning with us.  Special cards were created during Open Art in the mornings and donated for delivery to recipients of Meals on Wheels.  Students were also asked to vote on a variety of different issues including what activities they would like their teachers to do during Teacher Appreciation Week.  The week culminated in a very exciting assembly.  How often do elementary school children get a chance to see their Mayor and Congressman at their school on the same day – or ever?  How often do they get to see an ROTC Color Guard and Drill Team present the American Flag for the Pledge of Allegiance and watch an award winning drill routine?  How often do you hear an entire elementary school student body singing patriotic songs altogether? As exciting as all of these visitors and performances were, my favorite part of the program was hearing from some of our students as they shared how their family heritage helps them contribute to their family, school and community.  They were unique, well prepared and a breath of fresh air.  We live in uncertain times but I know for certain that the students at Spring Creek are my hope for a better future.  They state with confidence that they know they can make a difference.  They know that by being kind, safe and responsible they can build a community where everyone feels that they can make a difference too and in the words of one of our student speakers, “That’s pretty cool.”