Flyer & Registration Form ~ English / Spanish


Spring Creek Annual STEM Fair
Thursday, February 1st!

The purpose of STEM Fairs in Provo City School District is to engage students in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math and to provide an opportunity for students to investigate and excel in practical solutions to real world questions and problems. All students, regardless of grade level, who compete in a school STEM Fair must complete all paperwork prior to beginning their projects, this will ensure safety for all involved and eligibility for a student as they may advance to the District fair, Region fair and levels beyond. These forms need to be turned in to Miss Stewart by Monday, January 30th in order to qualify for the District Fair. They can be found on the school website, with Miss Stewart, the school office, or their teacher:

Parent Consent Form ~ English / Spanish

Parent Consent Form & CUSF Project Approval Form ~ English / Spanish

All project displays must follow the display rules set by CUSF. Displays may consist only of a display board and notebook. Please DO NOT bring in any physical projects (i.e. a volcano).  All projects will be judged by qualified, independent judges using the approved scoring rubrics provided by the District. These rubrics are posted below and available from Miss Stewart.

Engineering Rubric / Scientific Rubric

These are identical to the rubric students will be judged by at the District and at CUSF. Each Elementary school will be allowed to send their 8 highest scoring projects, regardless of category, to participate at the District STEM Fair. This only applies to 5-6th grade projects. The District Fair is February 23rd.

NOTE: Display Boards are available from Ms. Martinez
in the After School Program Office

Provo School District Announces
National Distinction to Spring Creek!

We are very excited by the recent announcement that
Spring Creek Elementary will be recognized as a
2017 National Title I Distinguished School!
at the National Title I Conference in
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania ~  February 8, 2018

The National Title I Distinguished School Program honors schools across the country for helping students achieve higher educational standards. These schools stand out because of their innovative approaches to teaching and learning, focused professional development opportunities for staff, individualized programs for student success and strong partnerships between the school, parents and the community. To be considered for this award a school must demonstrate that they have closed the achievement gap for disadvantaged student groups, excel in serving special population groups such as English learners or show exceptional student performance for two or more consecutive years.

Spring Creek students come from very diverse backgrounds. Several are challenged with high mobility, learning a new language or poverty. Two years ago, principal Jill Franklin came to the school and through her compassionate leadership, she has nurtured a new, positive culture. Principal Franklin has emphasized the importance of working effectively with all students and families, regardless of known and unknown obstacles for learning and has focused the faculty, community, and students on research-based instructional strategies.

“This most impressive high level of commitment to ‘teach the kids we have’ has paid off with the attainment of new heights in student achievement” states Superintendent Keith Rittel. “The school is focused on the success of all students. The administration and faculty carefully study data to ensure that all students, including some in the most challenging sub-groups, are learning at high levels. Many of these students have also become leaders in the school, stepping forward to add to the already positive school culture. The administration and faculty is partnering with parents and the community on levels not previously observed at this school, and the results are most remarkable. Spring Creek Elementary School has turned the corner, and has become a model for how to do things right.”

Congratulations Spring Creek on this well deserved award!

 Congratulations to all of the Spring Creek Students who participated in the
 2017 National PTA Reflections art contest “Within Reach”.
Judges were impressed by their creativities, talents and efforts.
We have 14 entries moving on to the next level to compete in categories
such as 2D art, 3D art, literature and film production.









2017-18 Kindergarten & New Student Registration
~ ~ ~
Prior to coming to the school
Pre-register online at
(A computer will be available at the school if you prefer
to do this when you come to register.

Bring the following:
Child's Original Birth Certificate
Immunization Record
(Click Here for Immunization Clinics)
Proof of Residence

 Your child must be 5 years old on or before September 1, 2017 to be enrolled in Kindergarten.
Full Day Kindergarten Is Not Guaranteed

District Response to 13 Reasons Why Netflix Series

Dear Parents,

There has been a lot of concern around the message and potential impact of 13 Reasons Why, a series on Netflix based on a 2007 book by Jay Asher. The series revolves around 17-year-old Hannah Baker, who takes her own life and leaves behind audio recordings for 13 people who she says in some way were part of why she killed herself. Each tape recounts painful events in which one or more of the 13 individuals played a role and glamorizes suicide. The content is rated TV-MA, which designates “unsuitable for children under the age of 17.” The series includes graphic scenes involving drugs, bullying, rape and suicide. See link for more information about content IMDB Parent Guide. Netflix has announced that a second season is in production.

Greg Hudnall, Executive Director of Hope4Utah and a well-known suicide expert in the state of Utah said, “the series is harmful for impressionable teens. In the long run, it can cause more trauma and more pain for a child.” His concern is based on the following things:
The Netflix Series:

  • Offers no solutions to problems and challenges
  • Does not educate people about suicide
  • Could lead to more trauma and death

We strive to take a very proactive approach when it comes to suicide prevention in our schools and community and we’d like to share some resources that are available to help.

The message we want to share is that help is available. If you have further questions or concerns please contact your school’s Counselor or Social Worker.