**Congratulations Mrs. Emily Nelson**
Utah State PTA Volunteer Of The Year
also previously received
District & Regional PTA Outstanding Volunteer Award

Emily Nelson is an exceptional PTA volunteer. She has had students attend Spring Creek Elementary for over a decade. She has always been an active, involved parent, but she has been an exceptional member of PTA as well. She is not afraid to help in all capacities, no matter the size of the task. Emily is capable of everything from being in charge of an event and helping in a large capacity, but is not afraid to help in all the little ways as well. She truly is a woman who is willing to help and is willing to do whatever it takes to get things done and has even developed programs on her own that she felt would benefit the school. She is not afraid to stay until the very end if necessary, and is one of those people who can always be counted on to be there when she is needed. She continues to serve Spring Creek, even now, as all of her children have moved on to other schools.  She is truly deserving of this award!

Congratulations to the following students who qualified to move on to the
Central Utah STEM Fair at BYU on March 28th!
Here they are by their projects!
Ashley Garcia ~ Kaden Hickman
Micah Laughlin ~ Ostyn Medina





2017-18 Kindergarten & New Student Registration
~ ~ ~
Prior to coming to the school
fill out Registration Forms online at
(A computer will be available at the school if you prefer
to do this when you come to register.

Bring the following:
Child's Original Birth Certificate
Immunization Record
(Click Here for Immunization Clinics)
Proof of Residence

 Your child must be 5 years old on or before September 1, 2017 to be enrolled in Kindergarten.
Full Day Kindergarten Is Not Guaranteed


 **Congratulations Mrs. Julie Martin ~ Education Resource Teacher**
Daily Herald Utah Valley Educator of the Week

Julie Martin is a kindergarten through sixth-grade special education resource teacher for Spring Creek Elementary in Provo and was selected as the Daily Herald’s Utah Valley Educator of the Week.

She has worked with Provo City School District for about 30 years and has helped many students with learning challenges succeed in their schoolwork.

Mrs. Martin is known for her kind personality and her patience with students. She is the type of person who makes a difference with anyone she meets.

She has contributed to Spring Creek in many ways, but one of the ways she has made an impact is by creating sensory bags that help students calm down and self-regulate their behaviors. Teachers throughout the school have had the opportunity to utilize these bags and it benefits classrooms tremendously.

Overall, Mrs. Martin is a great example of a loving teacher who cares deeply about her students. She has left a lasting impact on parents, students, co-workers and anyone she has come into contact with.

 **Congratulations Kaden Hickman~ 5th Grade Student**
Awarded the ‘Provo Way Award’ at the March School Board Meeting

Kaden knew that another student was really struggling. He asked his mom if he do something for the student. The kind act was done anonymously. Kaden’s kindness is exemplary. He is kind to everyone even some that may be harder to want to be kind to. We appreciate Kaden’s awareness of those around him and his desire to help them feel accepted at Spring Creek.

 **Congratulations Mr Hunt~ Instructional Assistant**
Awarded the ‘Provo Way Award’ at the March School Board Meeting

Mr. Hunt is such an asset to our Spring Creek team. He has been working with our students who are struggling readers and he has helped them to improve their reading abilities. He is patient and kind to all students that he works with throughout the day. He has proven to be a positive role model for our students who need one-on-one guidance. Mr. Hunt knows how to encourage students to be their best and students gravitate towards him. His work at Spring Creek has made a positive impact on the lives of our students and he should be recognized for his continued dedication.

 **Congratulations Mr Op't Hof ~ 3rd Grade Teacher**
2016-17 Crystal Apple Award

Mr Op't Hof is a valuable asset to the Spring Creek Team.  He has worked in several positions at Spring Creek.  He is willing, hard-working, helpful and capable.   Late last summer just before the school started we had a teacher decide to stay home with her new baby and not return to our staff.   Dave was asked to step into that position.  He accepted the request with a gracious and  can-do attitude that was a breath of fresh air. We are blessed to have him with us.

His team says the following of him.
He is an extremely hard worker, always one of the first to arrive at the school in the morning. He is dedicated to the success of his students and is constantly evaluating their performance and implementing new practices, especially those that yield the highest growth effect size.

Dave is an easy-going and supportive team member. He shares ideas and always makes sure we all have enough copies of our spelling practices for the week. We have been blessed to have Dave on the third grade team. He is a respected colleague as well as a great friend. He deserves this recognition. And it's seriously about time! Congratulations, Dave!

**Congratulations Miss Boone ~ 5th Grade Teacher**
 2016-17 PTA Golden Apple Award

Miss Boone expresses a level of concern and care for her students and their families that is above and beyond anything asked or expected of her.  It is through those relationships that she is able to touch hearts and minds as she makes a powerful difference each day—as a friend, an advocate and an inspiring educator at Spring Creek Elementary.  We love and appreciate the incredible contribution Miss Boone makes in the lives of our students and in our school community.  There is no one more deserving of this wonderful award!

 **Congratulations Miss Rossiter ~ 4th Grade Teacher**
2016-17 PTA Outstanding Educator Award

We are so grateful for the contribution Miss Rossiter has made in the lives of our students, as well as in our school community. As we stand back to admire it, her journey as an educator has created a canvas of lives and circumstances that she has touched and changed for the better.  The colors are bright, and the influence is lasting as her “artist’s touch” and technique have molded her students and their learning.  Her legacy as an educator is a true masterpiece, and certainly “outstanding.”  As a thankful parent shared, “I will forever be grateful for Miss Rossiter in my children’s lives, as well as my own.”

Spring Creek Elementary STEM Fair

Congratulations to everyone who participated in our STEM Fair.
The projects were amazing and ALL of the students that participated
should be very proud!!!

Following Are The Grade Level Award Recipients…

Lydia Blodgett (K) Tucker Whiting (3rd)
Nicole Castillo (1st) Maddox Martinez (4th)
Hunter Whiting (2nd)  

 The Following 5th & 6th Grade Students Moved On To The District STEM Fair...

Kaden Hickman Matthew Glidewell
Donald Montenegro Lucy Goodwin & Elizabeth Smith
Micah Laughlin Michelle Angel
Ostyn Medina Ashley Garcia

 Congratulations to the following students who presented work at the District STEM Fair
that has qualified them to move on to the Central Utah STEM Fair March 28th!
Kaden Hickman (3rd place in division)
Ashley Garcia
Micah Laughlin
Ostyn Medin




**Congratulations to Melissa Haderlie**

Awarded the ‘Provo Way Award’ at the February School Board Meeting

Melissa Haderlie is new to Spring Creek this year.  She has been amazing from day one and does so much more than just push the computer carts around the school and keep all of our technology up to date.  She has the responsibility of being the school's social media manager taking pictures and videos of events happening at our school and posting them on Facebook. She is a HUGE resource to teachers with their computers, Promethean boards, iPads and Chromebooks.  If she doesn't know something, she figures it out.  She has stepped in on multiple occasions as an emergency substitute teaching in classrooms from Kindergarten to 6th grade.  Melissa also organized events to celebrate Global Safer Internet Week and planned activities which included lessons on internet safety, guest speakers, a quiz drawing, and a poster contest. Her initiative and positive attitude are a great example to the faculty at Spring Creek.  We don't know what we would do without her.

**Congratulations to Jean Jones**

Awarded the ‘Provo Way Award’ at the November School Board Meeting

Jean Jones is our head secretary.  She has worked for the school district for over 30 years.  Jean works to meet the needs of all who walk through the office doors.  We receive compliments all the time about how friendly our front office is.  She works hard.  She always has a smile.  She wants to help us in any way she can.  Principal Franklin believes that the reason she was hired for her first job with Provo City School District is because Jean let her in to visit with the principal.  Just a few short months later Mrs. Franklin was teaching at Maeser Elementary.  Now Mrs. Franklin loves that she is back working with Jean.

**Spring Creek Elementary Gratitude Challenge""

We are celebrating gratitude for all the wonderful things we are grateful for here at Spring Creek Elementary.

Thank you to all those who participated in the Gratitude Challenge
and to Missy Haderlie for putting this video together for us!

Spring Creek is excited to announce the implementation of the
Positive Behavior Supports and Interventions (PBIS).
To help introduce this to our students we had an assembly,

As part of the assembly we had a very special "Queen Bee" who
introduced us to 3 other very important "B's",
our school wide beliefs:
Be Kind, Be Safe, Be Responsible.

Be Safe Assembly
Ask your child what they learned about what it means to
Be Kind, Be Safe and to Be Responsible
at school!!!

Be Safe Assembly